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The Laminitis Clinic is the UK's only veterinary facility dedicated to the treatment of horses with hoof problems. Most of our cases are suffering from laminitis, acute and chronic founder, sinking syndrome and Cushing's disease. TLC was established in 1988 since when hundreds of horses and ponies have been treated; most of which successfully, enabling them to return to their previous work or use. Most of our cases are referred by practicing veterinary surgeons. We provide a telephone advice line and an X-ray reporting service whereby we provide advice on treatment options and prognosis.

Having reached this site there is a good chance that your horse has laminitis. We are here to help you to do your best for your horse and to achieve a speedy recovery. Laminitis is an emergency condition and you should call your veterinary surgeon right away. Time is of the essence in dealing successfully with laminitis. Delay or doing the wrong things often results in horses having to be destroyed.

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Due to popular demand I have been persuaded to publish my book "Explaining Laminitis and its Prevention" on this website. Since first publication in 1992 this book has sold over 12,000 copies, quite unusual for a private publication. Horse and pony owners, farriers and veterinary surgeons have found it to be a most useful handbook when trying to deal with laminitis. I hope you do too. Just click the link below.

Causes of laminitis Prevention of laminitis Condition Scoring
What to feed a laminitic Fitting frog supports Timescales
Prognosis What to do if you suspect laminitis X-raying for laminitis
Toe wedge testing for " flexor contracture" Trimming and shoeing the chronic founder case
Laboratory tests for laminitis What not to do!
Insulin Resistance Cushing's Disease
Killer disease strikes the showing world Hoof Care for Distance Riders
BEVA Laminitis Quiz 2014 Cushing's Disease
BEVA Laminitis Quiz Answers  
The Laminitis Trust New treatment for acute founder cases
Medio-lateral and proximo-distal founder in a Cob mare - a case study
"Explaining Laminitis and its Prevention" webversion of the book by Robert Eustace FRCVS
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Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Author's CV