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The condition scoring system the Laminitis Clinic recommends is that published by Carroll and Huntington in the Equine Veterinary Journal 1988. It's benefit is it's simplicity. It's drawback is that not every horse or pony fits nicely into a condition score number!

The Laminitis Clinic recommends that you do your very best to keep your animal so that;

[You cannot see it's ribs but you can feel them easily when you run your hand along it's side, and that it has no fat depots along its crest, loins, tailhead or around the sheath or udder.]

This body condition will minimise it's chances of suffering from obesity related and dietary laminitis in combination with a correct feeding regime.

Condition Score 0 Very poor
Neck Marked "ewe neck", narrow and slack at base
Back and ribs Skin tight over ribs, top of backbone (spinous processes) are easily seen
Pelvis Angular pelvis- skin tight. Deep cavity under tail and either side of croup
Condition Score 1 Poor
Neck "Ewe neck", narrow and slack at base
Back and ribs Ribs easily visible, skin sunken either side of spine. Spinous processes well defined
Pelvis Rump sunken but skin supple. Pelvis and croup well defined. Deep depression under tail
Condition Score 2 Moderate
Neck Neck narrow but firm
Back and ribs Ribs just visible, spine well covered, spinous processes can be felt
Pelvis Rump flat either side of spine. Croup well defined, some fat. Slight cavity under tail
Condition Score 3 Good
Neck No crest (except stallions). Firm neck {This is a stallion}
Back and ribs Ribs just covered, easily felt. No "gutter" along back. Spinous processes covered but can be felt
Pelvis Covered by fat and rounded. No "gutter". Pelvis easily felt
Condition Score 4 Fat
Neck Slight crest, neck wide and firm
Back and ribs Ribs well covered-need to press firmly to feel them. "Gutter" present over spine
Pelvis "Gutter" to root of tail. Pelvis covered by soft fat, felt only by firm pressure
Condition Score 5 Obese
Neck Marked crest with folds of fat. Wide and firm neck
Back and ribs Cannot feel ribs, deep "gutter" over spine, back broad and flat
Pelvis Deep "gutter" to root of tail, skin distended, pelvis cannot be felt